🟪⬛ 12: Target existing fans with Facebook Ads in 30 minutes, by Charlie Biles

Setup custom audiences to collect fan engagement

Today’s task is written by Charlie Biles - Charlie is Senior Digital Marketing Manager at digital agency Motive Unknown and has 10 years of experience in the music industry. He started his career at Univeral Music Group but then moved into the independent world starting at [PIAS] then moving to Believe. He's worked with acts across many genres including running Queen's social media and digital presence through the Bohemian Rhapsody film launch, to Enter Shikari via work at [PIAS]. Through Motive Unknown he has been running AWAL's global digital ad strategy and is working with Run The Jewels for the band’s latest record.

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An important part of your digital strategy is to have your accounts and website set up to collect fan engagement and pixel data. This can be in a very unobtrusive way across most ad/social platforms these days, but for this example we will be setting up some custom audiences in Facebook Business Manager/Ads Manager.

Today: Target existing fans with Facebook Ads in 30 minutes

  1. Setup Facebook Ads Manager

  2. Create your Custom Audiences in Ads Manager

  3. Look over the size of your Custom Audiences

  4. Understand how they can be implemented in your ad strategy

[If you are not ready to spend money on ads - that is fine. Today's task is all about defining audiences and not actually putting ads out. It will help you understand one of the most valuable methods of audience engagement and give you a look under the hood of Facebook.]

This task will require to have an ads manager set up. There's no better way then following a simple Facebook guide here if you don't have one set up already.

So, what is a Custom Audience? This is a pool of people "who have already shown an interest in in your business or product." It is another term for a re-marketing audience, which comes in a few forms, with Facebook having a variety of options available.

Different types of Custom Audience

  • Facebook/Instagram Engagement

  • Video views (different lengths of viewing. 3 second, 10 second, 25% etc.)

  • Event Responses

  • Mailing list (you can upload this data or link to certain CRM platforms like Mailchimp)

  • Website pixel

In order to set these up you will need to navigate to the audience page in Ads Manager. Here's a link for ease. Once here you should see any audiences that are available in your account (or not available if this is new to you). In order to create these audiences you can follow the below steps and process that Facebook will take you through.

1. Audience Page: Click to create

2. Select the type of audience: We advise the one's mentioned above

3. Follow the prompts and click Create Audience

This example is for video views

You should see your audience now

Once you have done this process Facebook will populate your audiences with the available people and give you the size. This process can take a little time, but should show the same day it's created. It's good to take note of these numbers and what remarketing data you are able to utilise. You will often find that the 3 sec video views pool is your largest.

Now these are set up, you have them available to use in your ad campaigns to reach people who are already aware of your music. This will help you to further develop a relationship with these fans by continually serving them new content.

- Charlie Biles (Motive Unknown)

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