🟪⬛ 15: Find content for your fans in 30 minutes

Work out fan personas and find the patterns

Up until now we approached your career from the inside-out, with your artist brand as a solid base. Today, we examine an outside-in approach and take your fans’ characteristics as a starting point.

Today: Find content for your fans in 30 minutes

  1. Work out three fan personas.

  2. Find patterns and come up with content ideas.

Finding content to post is a struggle we can all relate to. Instead of continuously looking for content ideas based around the story you’re telling, today we’re trying to come up with content from the needs of your audience.


Today’s assignment is built upon an exercise in creating personas. A persona is a fictional character, which you create to represent people who might be interested in your work. People working in marketing or product development use this exercise all the time to find the right audience for their products and services, and develop the right communication and strategy towards them.

Imagine yourself as a fan. Describe the fan’s demographic (age, gender, education, location) and give the fan a name. Then, describe their internal, external and behavioural determinants: the human factors that makes people who they are.

  • Internal:
    What are the needs of this fan, in life?
    What is this fan’s ambition, in life?
    What does this fan struggle with, in life?
    What is this fan afraid to lose?

  • External:
    Cultural reference: When I open this fan’s Instagram, what do I see?
    What permission does this fan need to feel before it engages with your content?

  • Behavioural:
    What does this fan lie about? For example, people distort the truth about what they’d like to emphasize - consider business people making themselves look more successful than they are.
    Which stories appeal to this fan?
    Which brands does this fan buy?

Repeat this process for at least two other fan personas. 

Compare the internal, external, and behavioural determinants for all three fan personas. Do you see patterns? Are there message opportunities?

Write down some content ideas that appeal to your fans’ internal, external and behavioural determinants.

  • Your best fans are most probably people that have similar interests to yours. 

  • Think of how your content can help a fan. And think out-of-the-box. If your fans aim to be music producers, you can help them with how-to videos. If your fans use your artist brand to express or inform their opinion on public matters, you can help them with outspoken content. 

  • Don’t be afraid to dive deep. It’s best to create content that highly appeals to a small group. You’ll build a community that people aim to belong to. In other words: Find your niche.

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