⬛🟪 ALC Press Release example

For day 05's daily task

Hundreds of musicians worldwide learn storytelling through press releases during the Artist Lockdown Challenge

Starting today, the Artist Lockdown Challenge provides hundreds of musicians with a press release tool for storytelling. It’s available immediately by joining the Artist Lockdown Challenge on artistlockdownchallenge.com

In the wake of the coronavirus, many musicians were left without a steady income as live performances got canceled. To tackle this Bas Grasmayer and Carlo Kiksen, two music business experts, activated their networks and launched the Artist Lockdown Challenge to help artists develop more robust digital strategies through thirty daily 30-minute tasks. Now, as the challenge approaches day 5, the two are teaching hundreds of musicians from around the world how to use a press release as a storytelling framework.

Bas Grasmayer is a music streaming executive and founder of MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE which aims to accelerate the adoption of new tech in music by informing people about innovation through a blog and regular newsletter. Digital strategist Carlo Kiksen connects artists and creators with their fans. With his personal brand 'The Fanbase Builder' he applies his marketing and branding skills to grow a talent's brand, fan base and revenue.