🟪⬛ The one question we ask experts for guest assignments during the challenge

Plus: 3 steps to get ready for the Artist Lockdown Challenge & increase your visibility

Hi everybody,

With one week to go, we wanted to check in and let you know what we’re up to.

We are working hard on the daily challenges we’ll be sending out, contacting various experts across the music industry to ask for guest challenges, and connecting with everyone who has already joined the community on Discord.

To get the most out of this challenge - even before it starts, resolve to do one thing today, and that is to join us on Discord:

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We look forward to talking to you in person on there.


Bas & Carlo

The one question we ask experts

We are humbled by the response we’ve been getting not just from participants, but also from the experts we’ve been reaching out to. They’ve been so generous with their time and advice. Together with them, we want to make sure we pack as much value into this challenge as we can.

After explaining the concept of 30-minute daily tasks for 30 days, the one question we ask is this:

“If you could tell thousands of artists to do one thing today to improve their online presence & digital strategy - what would it be?”

The response has ranged from specific actions to generate revenue, to optimizing profiles to turn visitors into fans, to using data to make smarter decisions.

We look forward to announcing the experts soon, and welcoming them on the Artist Lockdown Challenge community Discord.

3 things you can do to stand out in the challenge

The Artist Lockdown Challenge is not just a way to improve your digital strategy, but also a way to practice, make new connections, brainstorm, and build a support network of peers. The people that get the most out of challenges like this are typically the ones who make use of the social aspect.

We’ll be organising channels around the daily tasks on Discord where you’ll be able to come up with ideas and ask for feedback on things ranging from bios, profile photos, or input for a regular content schedule for your socials.

  1. Join us on Discord and drop a message in the #introductions channel. We have already welcomed dozens of artists, label owners, artist managers, and marketeers.

  2. Say hi on Instagram. Follow & tag @artistlockdownchallenge and we’ll repost your story or post so the rest of the community can see it. Pro tip: make it personal with a photo of you / your band, and some music.

    Meet Artist Lockdown Challenge participants djhot_bitch and Darrieux.

  3. Throughout the challenge, share your progress and thoughts through these social channels. We’ll make sure to spend as much time as possible supporting the community.

    The discussion and advice on Discord is already underway.

Getting ready in 3 steps

Beyond the above, here are a few more steps to get ready:

  1. Make sure you have admin access to your profiles on social media. If you need help, ask us or your fellow participants on Discord for advice.

  2. Go to your calendar and create a timeslot of 30 to 60 minutes per day to complete the daily tasks. For extra effectiveness, make it the same time every day.

  3. Spread the word: you will cherish the luxury of having familiar people in the challenge — better get them in now, rather than when the challenge is already underway. Find some promo assets in our Discord channel #spread-the-word.

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Written while listening to ALC participant Cam Franklin’s dreamy Moon Song - shared on our Discord.

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