🟪⬛ We're going live with Cherie Hu (Water & Music) & Vincent van Gils (Grumpy Owl Games)

Join the inaugural ALC livestream: November 19

We will be hosting regular interactive livestreams with experts and we’re beyond excited to invite you to our very first one next Thursday!

Save the date - November 19 - the inaugural ALC livestream. In conversation with Cherie Hu (Water & Music) & Vincent van Gils (Grumpy Owl Games).

November 19 at 8pm CET Berlin, 2pm New York, 11am LA, and 2am Bangkok.

In the spirit of creators learning from creators, we’ll go into conversation with Vincent and Cherie about crowdfunding, community building, word of mouth, and how concepts from the games business can be applied to music.

Cherie Hu (Water & Music)

One of the sharpest minds in music is without a doubt Cherie Hu. She runs Water & Music, an independent newsletter, research hub and paid membership community, has written for Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, and has spoken at all the most notable music biz conferences.

She has built up a community around a newsletter that has nearly a 1,000 paying members, since it’s an invaluable resource to stay up to date on the present & future of music.

Vincent van Gils (Grumpy Owl Games)

Vincent van Gils stood out to us as a participant in the Artist Lockdown Challenge, because his company Grumpy Owl Games has nothing to do with music. Grumpy Owl is a game company. They have run multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns, recently pulling in over EUR 50,000 on their Kickstarter for an expansion pack for their board game ‘Untamed’.

If Vincent could learn from tasks specifically designed for musicians, then there must be a lot we can all learn from him too. 

How to join?

🟪 We will provide more practical info about this interactive livestream in the following days. One head’s up: Make sure to join us on Discord. You need access to Discord to access the livestream.

⬛️ Mark your calendar: November 19 at 8pm CET Berlin, 2pm New York, 11am LA, and 2am Bangkok.

Another thank you to everyone who participated in the Artist Lockdown Challenge. Please check in on Discord and let the other challenge participants and us know how you’re doing - we’re on Discord a lot, even if it seems quiet.

P.S. In our previous newsletter we accidentally asked you to save an incorrect date. Apologies!

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