Sitemap - 2020 - Artist Lockdown Challenge

Reminder: just 4 hours until we go live with Cherie Hu (Water & Music) & Vincent van Gils (Grumpy Owl Games)

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πŸŸͺ⬛ We're going live with Cherie Hu (Water & Music) & Vincent van Gils (Grumpy Owl Games)

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πŸŸͺ⬛ 30: Design your Business Model Canvas for Artists in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 29: Create a new stream of income with old music in 30 minutes, with Sebastien Lintz

πŸŸͺ⬛ 28: Leverage your data with Soundcharts in 30 minutes, by David Weiszfeld

πŸŸͺ⬛ 27: Give your fans something to pay for that’s better than free, in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 26: Make the most of Spotify in 30 minutes, with Spotify's Alice Young

πŸŸͺ⬛ 25: Organize your metadata in 30 minutes, by Chuck Fishman

πŸŸͺ⬛ 24: Set up a basic data report in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 23: Add a virtual tip jar to your website in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 22: Extend your fan journey to monetization in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 21: Get digital marketing inspiration from other artists in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 20: Optimize your default YouTube video description in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 19: Examine and optimize your fan journey in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 18: Optimize your YouTube presence in 30 minutes, with Luke Hood

πŸŸͺ⬛ 17: Set up your Amazon Music profile in 30 minutes, with Mike Warner

πŸŸͺ⬛ 16: Set up your website in 30 minutes, by SΓ­ofra McComb

πŸŸͺ⬛ 15: Find content for your fans in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 14: Make a scroll stopper in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 13: Create a basic acquisition campaign with Facebook Ads in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 12: Target existing fans with Facebook Ads in 30 minutes, by Charlie Biles

πŸŸͺ⬛ 11: Learn how the Spotify AI categorises your music in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 10: Create a new video series in 30 minutes, by Alliz Espi

πŸŸͺ⬛ 09: Build a playlist in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 08: Build your digital scene in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 07: Reflect on the story of you in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 06: Build a content plan for your next release in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 05: Write a press release for your next project in 30 minutes

⬛πŸŸͺ ALC Press Release example

πŸŸͺ⬛ 04: Set up your content calendar in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 03: Create your artist brand checklist in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 02: Update your bio on your digital channels in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ 01: Shorten your bio to one paragraph in 30 minutes

πŸŸͺ⬛ Day 0: How the Artist Lockdown Challenge works

πŸŸͺ⬛ Meet the guest experts of the Artist Lockdown Challenge

πŸŸͺ⬛ The one question we ask experts for guest assignments during the challenge

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